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Life Skills



Learn the skills that will pay off forever!

Here are some key topics discussed during our coaching & mentoring sessions:

Wellness & Personal Development

        • Life skills
        • Healthy habits
        • Confidence and self-love
        • Emotional intelligence
        • Spirituality
        • Love and relationships

Success & Career Planning

          • Life purpose and true calling
          • High-performance habits
          • Effective study techniques
          • Goal setting and decision making
          • Time management and self-discipline
          • Leadership and entrepreneurship
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Get to Know Our Team!



Educator, Mentor & Holistic Coach

 Sophia takes a holistic approach to education, integrating personal development into her programs. Through her mentorship, career planning and wellness coaching, she becomes a supportive friend and trusted adviser, guiding her students to maximize their potential and reach their goals. She helps them identify personal goals, holds them accountable, and provides encouragement throughout their journey.

Sophia creates a safe space for young women to share their triumphs, explore their struggles, seek answers, and develop the tools to build lives filled with confidence, success, and happiness.


Bilingual Master Life-Coach, Author & Multifaceted Educator

Liliana Ruiz is a bilingual master life coach, holistic therapist, author, and podcaster with extensive experience. Her passion for guiding women on their wellness journeys and helping them heal from toxic relationships has earned her recognition as a leading expert in her field. Liliana also excels at assisting mothers in enhancing their communication and relationships with their children. 

Beyond her successful career as a master life coach, Liliana is currently taking the opportunity to teach Spanish and piano to elementary students, helping them not only gain language skills but also build confidence in themselves through music. As a firm believer that working with future generations is the seed for a brighter tomorrow, she is also working on creating children’s books that teach important values, believing that instilling these values in the younger generation is the key to a better future.

Liliana is the founder of the Latin podcasts, Una Nueva Perspectiva, and Porque Soy Mujer. 

Please note that Liliana has limited availability due to her various commitments.

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Why Choose Sophia or Liliana as Your Mentor?  

Schools primarily focus on preparing students for a career, but they don’t always equip girls with the skills necessary for womanhood and overall success in life. There’s more to life than academics!

From our perspective, students should also acquire essential life skills, such as healthy habits, personal finance, emotional intelligence, and leadership, which are vital regardless of their chosen careers. Through our effective mentorship, we aim to unlock their potential in profound and meaningful ways while helping them transition into womanhood.

We provide guidance on:

  • Parent/Teen Communication
  • School Stress and Academic Pressure
  • Clarifying Direction and Future Goals
  • Navigating Dating and Friendship Challenges
  • Healing from Toxic Relationships
  • Peer Pressure and Bullying
  • Cultivating Positive Body Image and Self Acceptance
  • Wellness and Lifestyle Improvement

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