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Nurturing Growth & Inspiring Change

Hello, I’m Sophia, an explorer of knowledge, holistic coach and founder of Sophia Sylvaine Academy (SSA). At SSA, our mission is clear: We’re here to empower young ladies to seize control of their educational journey and become a generation of purpose-driven, confident, and joyful women ready to tackle the world’s challenges.

Through holistic education, academic mastery, career planning, and personal wellness – future entrepreneurs, change agents, and leaders come to grow! 🌱🌍  With a whiteboard as our canvas and an atmosphere of pure focus, we lay the foundations for academic excellence, personal growth, and meaningful purpose-driven impact, one tailored session at a time.

Dear students… you don’t have to tread the path to your dreams alone! Like many young adults, you harbor ambitious dreams, yet you might find yourself uncertain about where to commence or how to proceed in crafting a life you wholeheartedly cherish.

I’ve been there and I totally get it. Do you…

Possess life aspirations but seek guidance on how to manifest them into reality?

Are there specific subjects in which you face academic challenges?

Need practical guidance on career choices and crafting your dream life?

Are you looking for effective life skills, study techniques and strategies to boost your grades? 

Are you interested in improving your personal development, wellness, and self-confidence?

Would you like to learn time management skills to balance your academic and personal life?

Search no more! You’ve arrived at the perfect place.


 Mentorship, Holistic Coaching & Life Skills



Subject Mastery & Homework Assistance (5th-12th Grade)



Career Exploration & University Success


Sophia Sylvaine: Your Education and Wellness Guide

I love guiding my students through the learning process, igniting their curiosity, and nurturing innovation.

Education goes beyond exams; it’s about grasping the world and making it better for yourself and others. With over ten years of holistic coaching and academic support in subjects like mathematics, Spanish, and science, I invest not only in academic achievement but also in personal growth, helping students pursue their dream careers.

With a decade of experience as a holistic coach, educator and mentor, I’ve empowered students to reach academic goals, surpass personal limits, and craft fulfilling lives.


You are such an excellent tutor. You tutored me and my brothers for more than two years and there’s never been a bad moment. Not only did you help me tremendously throughout school and teach me great life habits plus hacks and methods to make life easier. But you also taught me how to become a strong independent woman. You weren’t just my tutor you were like a best friend who gave me advice on everything. I still use the advice you’ve given me in day-to-day life. I’m so grateful that I got to have you as a tutor because you’ve helped me so much with confidence and realizing my self-worth. I couldn’t ask for a better tutor! So thankful to have you!!

Jadyn R.

You are a great tutor!

You are a great tutor and mentor for our daughters; thank you so much for your help throughout the years! A true blessing! 

Lorena R.

Sophia is a bright young lady...

Sophia is a bright young lady who shows all the traits of a wise woman with years of experience dealing with children. She is smart, warm, flexible, and knows how to earn children’s trust. She is dependable and very organized. She is willing to accommodate to your children’s needs. She had helped us with some non-standard training for our kid, and I love the way things are going. I cannot recommend more.

Pedro V.

The moment I met her, I was impressed with her organization...

Sophia started tutoring my sons for Spanish last month. The moment I met her, I was impressed with her organization, knowledge of Spanish, tutoring strategies, and approach ability to children. She is fantastic, and we love her. She knows exactly how to tutor my 8th grader so that he fully understands course material, practices with him in a thorough and fun way, plans before she comes to work on what he needs the most help with, and follows up quickly. She is fun, friendly, and very focused. We will continue to have her tutoring our sons, and they already love Spanish and their classes more thanks to her support. We highly recommend her!

Denise M.

I highly recommend her!

Sophia was great! She comes prepared and knows what she is doing. She has helped my son raise his grade in math. We will definitely use her again. I highly recommend her!

Rudy V.

Grades increased!

Sophia has been my 9-grade son’s Spanish tutor. Ever since they started working together, my son’s grades and overall knowledge of Spanish has improved. Sophia has also been easy to communicate with and flexible with schedule. 

Philip G.


My services include a holistic approach to learning. 

 While school provides valuable knowledge, the standard curriculum often misses essential life skills. My commitment to education extends beyond academic subjects. I believe students should learn skills vital for a thriving life, including healthy habits, career planning, personal finance, emotional intelligence, and leadership. Through effective mentorship, I help unlock students’ potential in profound ways.

I’m passionate about environmental protection and enhancing students’ health and well-being.

I’m not just an educator; I’m passionate about both the environment and student well-being. With a background in environmental science and certification in fitness and nutrition, I bring a unique perspective to education. I believe in nurturing environmental responsibility in students while empowering them to lead healthy lives. At SSA, it’s about academic success and holistic well-being, preparing students for a future where they excel academically, prioritize health, and make a positive impact on the planet.